Riverdale Season 3 Episode 7 123movies 2017

Episode Title:Chapter Forty-Two: The Man in Black
Fearful that he will be caught, Archie hits the road and ends up at a farm outside Riverdale, where he meets Laurie Lake. Meanwhile, after Alice takes extreme measures to ensure Betty's safety from the Gargoyle King, Betty finds herself up against a formidable foe from her past. Finally, after... moreFearful that he will be caught, Archie hits the road and ends up at a farm outside Riverdale, where he meets Laurie Lake. Meanwhile, after Alice takes extreme measures to ensure Betty's safety from the Gargoyle King, Betty finds herself up against a formidable foe from her past. Finally, after learning that La Bonne Nuit is in trouble, Veronica makes a risky business decision that could cost her everything.less
Genre: Drama
Airing Date:December 05, 2018
IMDb Rating:

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