Tv: Gotham Season 4 Episode 4 2014

Episode Title:A Dark Knight: The Demon's Head
Gotham: The origin story behind Commissioner James Gordon's rise to prominence in Gotham City in the years before Batman's arrival.

Rajeev Pahuja, Dean Morris, Jon Beavers, Camren Bicondova, William Andrew Brewer moreRajeev Pahuja, Dean Morris, Jon Beavers, Camren Bicondova, William Andrew Brewer, Brad Calcaterra, Victoria Cartagena, Justin Michael Carter, Victor Cruz, Mario D'Leon, Bill DiVita, John Doman, Clare Foley, Zabryna Guevara, Amyrh Harris, Peter Iasillo Jr., Raiden Integra, Shirville Jarvis, Zivile Kaminskaite, Faith Kelly, Polly Lee, Donal Logue, Roberto Lopez, Rachael Ma, Claes Malmberg, Mike Malvagno, Pedro Marcelino, Mota Maria, David Mazouz, Grayson McCouch, Ben McKenzie, Geoffrey Murphy, Jesus Padilla, Alex Parada, Sean Pertwee, Karen Piczon, Jada Pinkett Smith, Drew Powell, Mark Quinnette, Dennis Rees, Erin Richards, Razor Rizzotti, Mariah C Robinson, Jeremy Sample, David Shumbris, Cory Michael Smith, Daniel Stewart Sherman, Andrew Stewart-Jones, Brette Taylor, Robin Taylor, Emma Terese, Joseph Urban, Aaron Verdin, Kent R. Williamsview less
Airing Date:October 12, 2017
Runtime:60 mins
IMDb Rating:

4.37/5 - (43 Votes)

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