Dark Heart Season 1 Episode 3 123movies 2017

Episode Title:Episode 3 - Part Three
DI Will Wagstaffe and his team investigate the mysterious death of a young nurse on the London Underground. Whilst CCTV reveals the victim fleeing an invisible assailant, forensics find a DNA link to a missing teenager presumed dead for seven years. Aided by his new team DS Rob Mullan, DC Ray Monk,... moreDI Will Wagstaffe and his team investigate the mysterious death of a young nurse on the London Underground. Whilst CCTV reveals the victim fleeing an invisible assailant, forensics find a DNA link to a missing teenager presumed dead for seven years. Aided by his new team DS Rob Mullan, DC Ray Monk, DC Annie Webb and pathologist Dr Luke Paul, Will unearths abond of secrets and betrayals which leads him straight into the dark underbelly of the city. Starring Tom Riley, Anjli Mohindra and Jazon Maza.less
Genre: Crime, Drama
Countries: UK
Airing Date:November 07, 2018
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