Dark Heart Season 1 Episode 2 123movies 2017

Episode Title:Episode 2
The detectives continue to look into a string of attacks on a series of people who were marked as paedophiles but never convicted, although Wagstaffe is frustrated by the eerie wall of silence from the victims' families. To make matters worse, a web of deceit begins to unravel - leading the DI to a... moreThe detectives continue to look into a string of attacks on a series of people who were marked as paedophiles but never convicted, although Wagstaffe is frustrated by the eerie wall of silence from the victims' families. To make matters worse, a web of deceit begins to unravel - leading the DI to a disturbing conclusion. Crime drama, starring Tom Riley, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith and Charlotte Riley.less
Genre: Crime, Drama
Countries: UK
Airing Date:November 01, 2018
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