American Housewife Season 3 Episode 9 123movies 2016

Episode Title:Highs and Lows
Oliver and Taylor stumble through their love lives, making Katie miss the spontaneity and unpredictability of being young and in love. Meanwhile, Kathryn's plan to soothe Oliver's heartbreak backfires when she tracks down an old boyfriend, Dan, and he is not as she remembers. At the same time,... moreOliver and Taylor stumble through their love lives, making Katie miss the spontaneity and unpredictability of being young and in love. Meanwhile, Kathryn's plan to soothe Oliver's heartbreak backfires when she tracks down an old boyfriend, Dan, and he is not as she remembers. At the same time, Anna-Kat makes strides at school when Franklin is stuck at home with the chickenpox, forcing her to make a new friend.less
Genre: Comedy
Countries: USA
Airing Date:December 05, 2018
Runtime:30 mins
IMDb Rating:

0.00/5 - (0 Votes)


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