The Great Magician 2011

Adapted from the Zhang Haifan novel, is a multi-million dollar co-production between Emperor Motion Pictures and Bona Film Group. Helmed by award-winning director Derek YEE and starring the three most powerful stars in Chinese cinema – Tony LEUNG Chiu-wai, LAU Ching-wan and ZHOU Xun – with... moreAdapted from the Zhang Haifan novel, is a multi-million dollar co-production between Emperor Motion Pictures and Bona Film Group. Helmed by award-winning director Derek YEE and starring the three most powerful stars in Chinese cinema – Tony LEUNG Chiu-wai, LAU Ching-wan and ZHOU Xun – with Mainland Chinese stars YAN Ni and WU Gang. promises to be the year’s most highly anticipated film.less
Genre: Drama, Mystery
Countries: Hong Kong
Release Date:December 22, 2011
Runtime:128 mins
IMDb Rating:

3.59/5 - (37 Votes)

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