Thammar Boyfriend 2016

Nandini Mitra,a septuagenarian, lives alone in a palatial mansion in Debimongolpur with her maid Puti. She has a son (Biswajit Chakraborty) with a domineering wife (Dolon Roy) and a daughter Rimli (Arunima Ghosh). Nanibala also has a daughter Mita(played by Sudipa Basu),a son-in-law with a daughter... moreNandini Mitra,a septuagenarian, lives alone in a palatial mansion in Debimongolpur with her maid Puti. She has a son (Biswajit Chakraborty) with a domineering wife (Dolon Roy) and a daughter Rimli (Arunima Ghosh). Nanibala also has a daughter Mita(played by Sudipa Basu),a son-in-law with a daughter Jhimli. Nandini Mitra,one fine morning, summons every member of the family who seldom come to visit her.less
Genre: Comedy
Countries: India
Release Date:November 18, 2016
Runtime:2h 3min
IMDb Rating:

3.00/5 - (2 Votes)

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