Imaginary Friend 2012

Emma is a married artist struggling with mental illness who lives in the same mansion she grew up in; where during her traumatic childhood with an abusive father, she relied on an imaginary friend for strength. But when Emma's imaginary friend starts reappearing, she becomes fearful that she is... moreEmma is a married artist struggling with mental illness who lives in the same mansion she grew up in; where during her traumatic childhood with an abusive father, she relied on an imaginary friend for strength. But when Emma's imaginary friend starts reappearing, she becomes fearful that she is once again losing her grip on reality. Desperate to save her marriage and show that she is in control, Emma takes drastic measures to free herself of her torment and her imaginary friend. But things are not as they seem and Emma's '''' may hold all the shocking answers. is an intense psycho-thriller that stars Paul Sorvino (GoodFellas), Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls), Ethan Embry (Eagle Eye), Marc McClure (Superman) and was a 2012 ratings hit when it premiered on Lifetime television.less
Genre: Thriller
Countries: USA
Release Date:June 02, 2012
Runtime:86 mins
IMDb Rating:

3.77/5 - (172 Votes)

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