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Linda and Eta are best friends. They are 14 years old and live in Dubrovnik: Eta with her mother and grandmother, Linda with her father, who is a heart specialist at the local hospital and once lived in Switzerland, where Linda was born. The two girls are inseparable, although they often are drawn... moreLinda and Eta are best friends. They are 14 years old and live in Dubrovnik: Eta with her mother and grandmother, Linda with her father, who is a heart specialist at the local hospital and once lived in Switzerland, where Linda was born. The two girls are inseparable, although they often are drawn into fierce arguments. Together, they sneak into discos, fight over boys, and dream about an exciting future beyond their quaint hometown. One of their favorite places is the pine forest of Petka Hill on the outskirts of the city. On the first warm spring day, Eta and Linda retreat to a secret beach beneath the cliffs of Petka Hill. Once again they have an argument, this time with horrific consequences. Eta is left for dead on a rock by the sea, while Linda spends the night wandering aimlessly through the forest. However, the inhabitants of Dubrovnik don't want to know about the guilt and desolation plaguing Linda after her friend's death. The sunny, Mediterranean harbor town now seems ...less
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Release Date:August 01, 2014
Runtime:1h 23min
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Cure: The Life of Another 123movies

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Cure: The Life of Another 123movies

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Cure: The Life of Another 123movies

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Cure: The Life of Another 123movies

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Cure: The Life of Another 123movies

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Cure: The Life of Another 123movies

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Cure: The Life of Another 123movies

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Cure: The Life of Another 123movies


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Cure: The Life of Another 123movies

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