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London Kills Me 123movies

London Kills Me

Rating: 3.20/5 - 10 votes

For want of a nail a shoe was lost, for want of a shoe... a young man\'s life is almost lost, which is exactly what this film is all about: a man barely twenty who wants desperately to pull out of London\'s drug world by taking a job as a waiter in a \'normal\' restaurant. But to do this he must...

Country: UK
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Actor: Justin Chadwick, Fiona Shaw, Brad Dourif, Naveen Andrews, Stevan Rimkus, Emer McCourt, Steven Mackintosh, Tony Haygarth, Joseph Alessi, David Hounslow, Ben Peel, Danny John-Jules, Oliver Kester, Paudge Behan, Nick Dunning
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Rocketman 123moviesBRRip/BDRip


The Woman in Black 123movies

The Woman in Black

Rating: 3.55/5 - 114 votes

When a friendless old widow dies in the seaside town of Crythin, a young solicitor is sent by his firm to settle the estate...

Country: UK
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Actor: Adrian Rawlins, Albie Woodington, Alison King, Andy Nyman, Bernard Hepton, Caroline John, Clare Holman, David Daker, David Keyes, David Ryall, Fiona Walker, John Cater, John Franklyn-Robbins, Pauline Moran, Peter Guinness, Robert Hamilton, Steven Mackintosh, Tony Red Richards, Trevor Cooper, William Simons
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Elfie Hopkins 123movies

Elfie Hopkins

Rating: 3.48/5 - 27 votes

An aspiring teen detective stumbles into her first real case, when investigating the mysterious new family in her neighborhood.

Country: UK
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Actor: Amanda Drew, Jaime Winstone, Julian Lewis Jones, Kate Magowan, Kimberley Nixon, Ray Winstone, Richard Harrington, Rupert Evans, Steven Mackintosh
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Underworld: Evolution 123movies

Underworld: Evolution

Rating: 4.37/5 - 225 votes

As the adventure continues, the saga of war between vampires and werewolves. Selene, the vampire "death...

Country: USA
Genre: Action, Thriller, Horror, Fantasy
Actor: Adrian Hough, Andrew Kavadas, Bill Nighy, Brian Steele, Christopher R Sumpton, Derek Jacobi, John Mann, Kate Beckinsale, Kurt Carley, Michael O'Shea, Michael Sheen, Michasha Armstrong, Mike Mukatis, Raoul Ganeev, Richard Cetrone, Scott Speedman, Shane Brolly, Sophia Myles, Steven Mackintosh, Tony Curran
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Modern Life Is Rubbish 123movies

Modern Life Is Rubbish

Rating: 3.00/5 - 3 votes

Brought together by their shared love of music, ten years on Liam and Natalie are at breaking point. In their case opposites attract but don\'t necessarily work long-term. Making the difficult decision to separate, they must split their prized music library. But the sound track that defined their...

Country: UK
Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance
Actor: Ian Hart, Daisy Bevan, Jessie Cave, Tom Riley, Sorcha Cusack, Freya Mavor, Tallulah Haddon, Steven Mackintosh, Josh Whitehouse, Will Merrick, Caroline Boulton, Kiera Bell, Matt Milne, Lily-Rose Aslandogdu, Daniel Eghan
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Death Row Dogs 123movies

Death Row Dogs

Rating: 3.50/5 - 6 votes

A look into dog fighting and the criminals who organise it.

Country: UK
Genre: Documentary
Actor: Steven Mackintosh
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Urban Hymn 123movies

Urban Hymn

Rating: 3.75/5 - 8 votes

Set against the backdrop of the 2011 UK summer riots, \'\' follows a young female offender who possesses a remarkable voice and a determined social worker who inspires her to use it.

Country: UK
Genre: Crime, Drama
Actor: Shirley Henderson, Steven Mackintosh, Ian Hart, Letitia Wright, Shaun Parkes, Caroline O'Neill, McKell David, Isabella Laughland, Jack McMullen, Katie Redford, Russell Balogh, Matthew Steer, Paul Blackwell, Kirsty J. Curtis, Peter Vollebregt
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The Codebreaker Who Hacked Hitler 123movies

The Codebreaker Who Hacked Hitler

Rating: 4.64/5 - 11 votes

Meet Gordon Welchman, a key member of the British team that took on the Nazis, decoded the Enigma machine, and changed the course of World War II. An outcast in the very world he helped to build, the true legacy of his contributions to military intelligence are only now emerging. Discover his story...

Country: UK
Genre: History, War
Actor: Steven Mackintosh, Brian Deacon, Rosamund Welchman, W. Gordon Welchman, Sinclair McKay, Jimmy Thirsk, Asa Briggs, Jane Fawcett, Tony Comer, John Naughton, John Scarlett, Jennifer Welchman, Robert R. Everett, Eric Ellingson, Larry Hill
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Rang De Basanti 123movies

Rang De Basanti

Rating: 4.33/5 - 3 votes

A young idealistic English filmmaker, Sue, arrives in India to make a film on Indian revolutionaries Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad and their contemporaries and their fight for freedom from the British Raj. Owing to a lack of funds, she recruits students from Delhi University to act in her...

Country: India
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, History
Actor: Aamir Khan, Anupam Kher, Atul Kulkarni, Kiron Kher, Kunal Kapoor, Madhavan, Manmeet Singh, Mohan Agashe, Om Puri, Siddharth, Steven Mackintosh, Waheeda Rehman
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Robot Overlords 123movies

Robot Overlords

Rating: 3.50/5 - 98 votes

Earth has been conquered by robots from a distant galaxy. survivors are confined to their houses and must wear electronic implants, risking incineration by robot sentries if they venture outside.

Country: UK
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Actor: Gillian Anderson, Ben Kingsley, Callan McAuliffe, Geraldine James, Steven Mackintosh, Tamer Hassan, Milo Parker, Ella Hunt, Michael Stuart, Roy Hudd, Craig Garner, Lalor Roddy, Mark Asante, David McSavage, Jimmy Johnston
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Set Fire to the Stars 123movies

Set Fire to the Stars

Rating: 3.60/5 - 5 votes

An aspiring poet in 1950s New York has his ordered world shaken when he embarks on a week-long retreat to save his hell raising hero, Dylan Thomas.

Country: UK
Genre: Drama
Actor: Elijah Wood, Celyn Jones, Kelly Reilly, Steven Mackintosh, Shirley Henderson, Kevin Eldon, Steve Speirs, Richard Brake, Andrew Bicknell, Kate Drew, Ken Drury, Nicola Duffett, Weston Gavin, Adam Gillen, Polly Hemingway
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The Muppet Christmas Carol 123movies

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Rating: 3.84/5 - 19 votes

The Muppet characters tell their version of the classic tale of an old and bitter miser's redemption on Christmas Eve.

Country: USA
Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Music
Actor: Dave Goelz, David Rudman, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Jessica Fox, Karen Prell, Kristopher Milnes, Louise Gold, Michael Caine, Nigel Plaskitt, Raymond Coulthard, Steve Whitmire, Steven Mackintosh
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The Jesus Mysteries 123movies

The Jesus Mysteries

Rating: 4.20/5 - 5 votes

Jesus Christ is one of the most well-known names in the history of mankind. He is the core of belief for millions of Christians and his story has provided rich material for thousands of books and films. Yet, mysteries surrounding his life still remain. Major events like the Nativity, the Miracles...

Country: USA, UK
Genre: Documentary
Actor: Jon Campling, Harriet Green, Steven Mackintosh, Keira Malik, Alice Marshall, Curran McKay, Charles Reston, James Schlesinger, Nick Simmons, Richard Stanley
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Gold 123movies


Rating: 3.14/5 - 7 votes

An offbeat comedy about an estranged father who returns to his hometown after an absence of ten years in order to reconnect with his daughter and ex-wife but unwittingly finds himself responsible for almost destroying all their lives.

Country: Ireland
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
Actor: James Nesbitt, Maisie Williams, David Wilmot, Kerry Condon, Steven Mackintosh, David McSavage, Lucy Parker Byrne, Patrick Gibson, Dónal Haughey, Eddie Jackson, Martin Maloney, Aela O'Flynn
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The Return of the Native 123movies

The Return of the Native

Rating: 3.50/5 - 16 votes

Eustacia Vye, an exquisite beauty despairing at her boring life on an English moor, sets up a fateful lovers' triangle when she uses her wiles to entice two men, a dashing suitor and a successful man who made his name abroad and returned to his home on the heath.

Country: UK, USA
Genre: Drama
Actor: Britta Smith, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Celia Imrie, Claire Skinner, Clive Owen, Daniel Newman, Jeremy Peters, Joan Plowright, John Boswall, John Breslin, Matthew Owens, Paul Rogers, Peter Wight, Ray Stevenson, Steven Mackintosh
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The Thirteenth Tale 123movies

The Thirteenth Tale

Rating: 3.50/5 - 14 votes

The story of the residents of Angelfield House and follows ageing novelist Vida Winter, who enlists a young writer to finally tell the story of her life - including her mysterious childhood spent in Angelfield House, which burned to the ground when she was a teenager.

Country: UK
Genre: Drama
Actor: Alexandra Roach, Gordon Winter, Michael Jibson, Olivia Colman, Robert Pugh, Steven Mackintosh, Tom Goodman-Hill, Vanessa Redgrave
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Kick-Ass 2 123movies

Kick-Ass 2

First Born 123movies

First Born

Rating: 2.56/5 - 9 votes

Laura's expecting. Her husband, Steven's a loving guy but has little time for her. Her mom lives thousands of miles away...

Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Horror, Mystery
Actor: Alyxx Morgen, Barbara Rhoades, Blair Brown, David Little, Dennis Parlato, Elisabeth Shue, Henry Strozier, Kathleen Chalfant, Khandi Alexander, Marilyn Harris, Mia Dillon, Phillip V Caruso, Pippa Pearthree, Steven Mackintosh, Tim Hopper
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Treasure Island 123movies

Treasure Island

Rating: 3.43/5 - 91 votes

Young Jim Hawkins, while running the Benbow Inn with his mother, meets Captain Billy Bones, who dies at the inn while it is beseiged by buccaneers led by Blind Pew. Jim and his mother fight off the attackers and discover Billy Bones' treasure map for which the buccaneers had come. Jim agrees to...

Country: UK, USA
Genre: Adventure
Actor: Bill Sloan, Brett Fancy, Charlton Heston, Christian Bale, Christopher Lee, Clive Wood, Isla Blair, James Cosmo, James Coyle, John Abbott, John Benfield, Julian Glover, Michael Halsey, Michael Thoma, Nicolas Amer, Oliver Reed, Pete Postlethwaite, Richard Beale, Richard Johnson, Robert Putt, Steven Mackintosh
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The Great Ghost Rescue 123movies

The Great Ghost Rescue

Rating: 3.95/5 - 57 votes

Young Humphrey is a ghost with a big problem. He and his family, the Craggyfords, have been ousted from their home and left without a place to haunt. As they search for new haunting grounds they soon discover that they are not alone. Ghosts from all over the world have been exorcised from their...

Country: UK
Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Horror
Actor: Anthony Head, Bill Ward, Bob Goody, Christopher Adamson, Emma Fielding, Kevin McKidd, Rosemary Leach, Sidney Cole, Stephen Churchett, Steven Mackintosh, Tracy-Ann Oberman
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The Sweeney 123movies

The Sweeney

Rating: 4.30/5 - 104 votes

Jack Reagan is a slobbish,old style cop whose unsubtle methods usually get results,to the annoyance of internal affairs officer Lewis,who would be even more annoyed if he knew that Reagan was having an affair with his young wife,policewoman Nancy. After Reagan disobeys orders and a shoot-out in...

Country: UK
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Actor: Alan Ford, Allan Corduner, Allen Leech, Caroline Chikezie, Damian Lewis, Eric Campbell, Hayley Atwell, Jack Cooper, Joan Blackham, John Warnaby, Lee Whitlock, Paul Anderson, Paul Blackwell, Ray Winstone, Ronnie Fox, Steven Mackintosh, Steven Waddington
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The Scouting Book for Boys 123movies

The Scouting Book for Boys

Rating: 3.00/5 - 15 votes

Best friends David and Emily love their carefree life on a coastal caravan park. When David learns that Emily is being forced to move away, he agrees to help her hide out in a remote cave on the beach. But their innocent secret soon becomes complicated, as David watches the police close in on his...

Country: UK
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Actor: David Frost, Johnny Lynch, Nicholas Sidi, Rafe Spall, Steven Mackintosh, Susan Lynch, Tony Maudsley
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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans 123movies

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Rating: 4.27/5 - 582 votes

An origins story centered on the centuries-old feud between the race of aristocratic vampires and their onetime slaves, the Lycans.

Country: USA, New Zealand
Genre: Action, Thriller, Horror, Family
Actor: Bill Nighy, Brian Steele, Craig Parker, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Kevin Grevioux, Kurt Carley, Leighton Cardno, Michael Sheen, Peter Tait, Rhona Mitra, Shane Brolly, Steven Mackintosh
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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 123movies

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Rating: 4.76/5 - 17 votes

Four London working class stiffs pool their money to put one in a high stakes card game, but things go wrong and they end up owing half a million pounds and having one week to come up with the cash.

Country: UK
Genre: Comedy, Thriller, Crime
Actor: Alan Ford, Andrew Tiernan, Danny John-Jules, David Reid, Dexter Fletcher, Elwin 'Chopper' David, Frank Harper, Huggy Leaver, Jake Abraham, Jason Flemyng, Jason Statham, Lenny McLean, Nicholas Rowe, Nick Moran, PH Moriarty, Richard Vanstone, Rob Brydon, Ronnie Fox, Sid Golder, Stephen Marcus, Steve Collins, Steve Sweeney, Steven Mackintosh, Sting, Vas Bl
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The Other Boleyn Girl 123movies

The Other Boleyn Girl

Rating: 5.00/5 - 3 votes

Based on the controversial novel by Philippa Gregory, "" is a fictionalised account of the life of Lady Mary Boleyn (Natascha McElhone) who becomes mistress to England's king, Henry VIII (Jared Harris), before being ous

Country: UK
Genre: Drama, Romance
Actor: Jack Shepherd, Jane Gurnett, Jared Harris, Jodhi May, John Woodvine, Natascha McElhone, Oliver Chris, Philip Glenister, Roger Hammond, Ron Cook, Steven Mackintosh, Yolanda Vazquez
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The Tulse Luper Suitcases Part 2 Vaux to the Sea 123movies

The Tulse Luper Suitcases Part 2 Vaux to the Sea

Rating: 3.00/5 - 2 votes

Tulse Luper is a 20th century everyman whose collection of 92 suitcases intersects with every person, event and movement in history. Here in the second of a three part story, we find him working in a cinema, which gives him ample opportunity to cross paths with virtually every artistic device and...

Country: Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, UK
Genre: Adventure, Biography, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Thriller, War
Actor: Ana Torrent, Andrea Bruschi, Anna Galiena, Francesco Salvi, Franka Potente, Gaspard Ulliel, Isabella Rossellini, JJ Feild, Jordi Mollà, Keram Malicki-Sánchez, Marcel Iures, Maria Schrader, Ornella Muti, Porgy Franssen, Raymond J Barry, Richard McCabe, Roger Rees, Ronald Pickup, Scot Williams, Scott Handy, Steven Mackintosh, Valentina Cervi, Vi
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A Very British Sex Scandal 123movies

A Very British Sex Scandal

Rating: 3.98/5 - 62 votes

tells the story of Peter Wildeblood, a royal correspondent for the Daily Mail newspaper. He is a closet homosexual and like many gay men at that time, lives in secret as homosexuality is against the law. One evening he meets Eddie McNally, who is on leave from the air force and the pair embark on...

Country: UK
Genre: Crime, Drama
Actor: Eric Carte, Karl Davies, Kevin Colson, Nicholas Le Prevost, Orlando Wells, Richard Lintern, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Shane Nolan, Steven Mackintosh, Susan Jameson, William Chubb
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The Beckoning Silence 123movies

The Beckoning Silence

Rating: 3.29/5 - 45 votes

In , Joe Simpson--whose amazing battle for survival featured in the multi-award winning "Touching the Void"--travels to the treacherous North Face of the Eiger to tell the story of one of mountaineerings most epic trage

Country: UK
Genre: Drama
Actor: Joe Simpson, Steven Mackintosh
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The Aryan Couple 123movies

The Aryan Couple

Rating: 3.60/5 - 52 votes

In 1944, in Hungary, the wealthy Jewish industrialist Joseph Krauzenberg is forced by the Reichführer Heinrich Himmler to deliver his 3,000 employee factory; his palace with his collection of antiques and arts; a large amount in gold; and his house to the Reich. In return, the Nazis would send his...

Country: UK, USA
Genre: Drama, War
Actor: Andrzej Deskur, Andrzej Szenajch, Borys Jaznicki, Caroline Carver, Christopher Fulford, Danny Webb, Dorota Liliental, Gretchen Becker, Jacek Lenartowicz, Jake Wood, Jerzy Moes, Jerzy Rogalski, Judy Parfitt, Kenny Doughty, Maciej Robakiewicz, Martin Landau, Nolan Hemmings, Radoslaw Kaim, Richard Bremmer, Stefan Popkowski, Steven Mackintosh, Tomasz Jarosz
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Horizon - Moon for Sale 123movies

Horizon - Moon for Sale

Rating: 3.00/5 - 18 votes

No description

Genre: Documentary
Actor: David Ward, Edgar D Mitchell, George W Bush, John Connolly, Larry Clark, Steven Mackintosh
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The Daisy Chain 123movies

The Daisy Chain

Rating: 3.75/5 - 28 votes

A grieving couple move to a remote Irish village in the wake of their baby daughter's death. They soon take in an orphaned autistic girl, only to become involved in a series of strange occurrences.

Country: Ireland, UK
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Actor: Barry Barnes, David Bradley, Eva Birthistle, Fionnuala Murphy, Flora Montgomery, Hilary Reynolds, Ron Donachie, Samantha Morton, Steven Mackintosh
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