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The Nun 123moviesBRRip/BDRip

The Nun

Cassandra's Dream 123movies

Cassandra's Dream

Rating: 3.39/5 - 107 votes

Cassandra's Dream: The tale of two brothers with serious financial woes. When a third party proposes they turn to crime, things go bad and the two become enemies.

Country: USA, UK, France
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Actor: Andrew Howard, Ashley Madekwe, Cate Fowler, Clare Higgins, Colin Farrell, David Horovitch, Ewan McGregor, Hayley Atwell, James Fiddy, Jim Carter, John Benfield, Kenneth Edelson, Lee Whitlock, Maggie McCarthy, Mark Umbers, Matt Bardock, Peter-Hugo Daly, Philip Davis, Richard Graham, Richard Lintern, Ross Boatman, Sally Hawkins, Tamzin Outhwaite, Tom Fish
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The Chamber 123movies

The Chamber

Rating: 2.44/5 - 25 votes

A claustrophobic survival thriller set beneath the Yellow Sea off the coast of North Korea where the pilot of a small submersible craft and a three man Special Ops team on a secret recovery mission become trapped underwater in a fight for survival.

Country: UK
Genre: Thriller
Actor: Johannes Kuhnke, Charlotte Salt, James McArdle, Elliot Levey, Christian Hillborg, James Artaius, David Horovitch
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Dirty Dozen: The Deadly Mission 123movies

Dirty Dozen: The Deadly Mission

Rating: 4.11/5 - 19 votes

Telly Savalas assumes the role of the leader of the Dirty Dozen from Lee Marvin. In this movie he and the Dozen are suppose to destroy a nerve gas manufacturing plant before the Germans can make enough to use against the Allies.

Country: USA, Yugoslavia
Genre: Action, War
Actor: Antonia Cutic, Bernard Woringer, Bo Svenson, Bozidar Smiljanic, Branko Blace, David Horovitch, David Pullan, Elizabeth Edmonds, Emmanuelle Meyssignac, Ernest Borgnine, Frederick Bartman, Gary Graham, Ivo Kristof, James Van Patten, Matko Raguz, Meg Wynn Owen, Ned Vukovic, Paul Picerni, Randall 'Tex' Cobb, Sam Douglas, Slavica Knezevic, Telly Savalas, Tho
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Goodbye, Mr. Chips 123movies

Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Rating: 3.90/5 - 20 votes

In the later years of the nineteenth century Latin master Mr. Chipping is the mainstay of Brookfields boys boarding school, a good teacher and a kindly person but he is considered to be ...

Country: UK
Genre: Drama
Actor: Martin Clunes, Victoria Hamilton, Conleth Hill, John Wood, Patrick Malahide, David Horovitch, Christopher Fulford, James Casey, Harry Lloyd, Tom Roberts, Rory Copus, James Byng, David Netherton, Joe Sowerbutts, Hugh Sachs
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They Do It with Mirrors 123movies

They Do It with Mirrors

Rating: 3.50/5 - 14 votes

Ruth van Rydock is worried about her sister's health and well-being and asks their mutual friend Jane Marple to visit her for a awhile. Her sister, Carrie-Louise Serrocold, is married to Lewis Serrocold and he has turned their estate into an institute of sorts for young offenders. Miss Marple is...

Country: UK, USA
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Actor: Anne Atkins, Brenda Cowling, Bryn Walters, Christopher Villiers, David Doyle, David Horovitch, Faith Brook, Gillian Barge, Holly Aird, Ian Brimble, Jake Wood, Jay Villiers, Jean Simmons, Joan Hickson, John Bott, Joss Ackland, Matthew Cottle, Roger Low, Saul Reichlin, Todd Boyce, Tony Red Richards
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The Blue Boy 123movies

The Blue Boy

Rating: 1.86/5 - 7 votes

Marie is an insecure housewife whose husband, Joe, is having an affair. The two of them take a holiday to rural Scotland, but by sheer bad luck, end up at the hotel Joe uses for his "getaways." There, Marie is told the story of a young boy who drowned in a nearby lake long ago, and finds...

Country: UK, USA
Genre: Thriller
Actor: Adrian Dunbar, David Horovitch, Eleanor Bron, Emma Thompson, Jim Twaddale, Joanna Roth, Michael Kennedy, Phyllida Law, Sandy Welch
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The Young Victoria 123movies

The Young Victoria

Rating: 4.30/5 - 153 votes

A dramatization of the turbulent first years of Queen Victoria's rule, and her enduring romance with Prince Albert.

Country: UK, USA
Genre: Drama
Actor: Bernard Lloyd, David Horovitch, David Robb, Emily Blunt, Genevieve O'Reilly, Grace Smith, Harriet Walter, Iain Mitchell, James Fiddy, Jeanette Hain, Jesper Christensen, Jim Broadbent, Johnnie Lyne-Pirkis, Josef Altin, Julia St John, Julian Glover, Malcolm Sinclair, Mark Beesley, Mark Strong, Michael Maloney, Michiel Huisman, Miranda Richardson, Neil Fin
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450 from Paddington 123movies

450 from Paddington

Rating: 2.82/5 - 17 votes

When Miss Marple's visiting friend sees a woman being strangled on a passing train, they immediately report it to the police. Inspector Slack sees Miss Marple as a bit of a busy body and drops the investigation after only a few days. Miss Marple however determines that there is only one spot along...

Country: UK
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Actor: Alan Penn, Andrew Burt, Bernard Brown, Christopher Haley, Daniele Stroppa, David Allen, David Beames, David Horovitch, David Waller, Ian Brimble, Jean Boht, Jill Meager, Joan Hickson, Joanna David, John Hallam, Maurice Denham, Mona Bruce, Nicholas Blane, Rhoda Lewis, Robert East, Will Tacey
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Solomon and Gaenor 123movies

Solomon and Gaenor

Rating: 4.17/5 - 18 votes

A young Jew in 1911 Wales tries to make his living by selling fabrics door to door, but to do so he must hide his nationality. On one of his sales he meets and falls in love with a demure young woman with a strong-willed father and a Jew-hating brother. The two fall in love and she becomes...

Country: UK
Genre: Drama, Romance
Actor: Barry Davies, Cyril Shaps, David Horovitch, Derek Smith, Helen Griffin, Ioan Gruffudd, Julian Lewis Jones, Mark Lewis Jones, Maureen Lipman, Nia Roberts, Steffan Rhodri, Sue Jones-Davies, William Thomas
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Dirty War 123movies

Dirty War

Rating: 3.41/5 - 41 votes

After years of meticulous planning, a terrorist operation is reaching its final stages. The authorities have received no intelligence; they are in a race against time but don't yet know it. As the operation unfolds, we see the working lives of men and women directly affected by terrorism. Among...

Country: UK, USA
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Actor: Alastair Galbraith, Craig Crosbie, David Horovitch, Denis Gilmore, Dorian Healy, Ewan Stewart, Gavin Abbott, Hosh Kane, James Puddephatt, Joe Tucker, John McIntyre, John Vine, Jonty Stephens, Josh Cole, Liam McKenna, Liam Noble, Louise Delamere, Martin Savage, Philip Hayton, Raza Jaffrey, Robert Stone, Sam Redford, Tim Faraday
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102 Dalmatians 123movies

102 Dalmatians

Rating: 4.00/5 - 4 votes

Cruella DeVil gets out of prison and goes after them darned puppies once more.

Country: USA, UK
Genre: Comedy, Family
Actor: Alice Evans, Ben Crompton, Carol MacReady, Charles Simon, David Horovitch, David Keyes, Dorothea Phillips, Eric Idle, Gerard Depardieu, Glenn Close, Hugh Futcher, Ian Boo Khoo, Ian Richardson, Ioan Gruffudd, Jack Mason, James Payne, JB Blanc, Jim Carter, June Watson, Karen Kennedy, Kerry Shale, Linda Harmon, Mike Hayley, Nicholas Hutchison, Ron Cook, Su
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The Body in the Library 123movies

The Body in the Library

Rating: 3.25/5 - 12 votes

Amateur detective Miss Jane Marple investigates the murder of a young woman whose body is found in the library at Gossington Hall, home of Colonel and Mrs. Arthur Bantry.

Country: UK, USA, Australia
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Actor: Andrew Cruickshank, Anthony Smee, Ciaran Madden, Colin Higgins, David Horovitch, Debbie Arnold, Frederick Jaeger, Gwen Watford, Hugh Walters, Ian Brimble, Jess Conrad, Joan Hickson, John Bardon, John Moffatt, Kathleen Breck, Keith Drinkel, Martyn Read, Moray Watson, Raymond Francis, Stephen Churchett, Sydney Livingstone, Trudie Styler, Valentine Dyall
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Max 123movies


Rating: 3.41/5 - 34 votes

A Jewish art dealer, who lost an arm during World War I befriends a young art student named Adolf Hitler, encouraging his artistic aspirations. However, the bitter and penniless Hitler is torn between his artistic desires and the increasing influence politics begins to play in his life.

Country: Hungary, Canada, UK
Genre: Drama, War
Actor: András Stohl, Anna Nygh, Attila Árpa, Caroleen Feeney, Daisy Haggard, David Horovitch, Gábor Harsai, János Kulka, Janet Suzman, John Cusack, John Grillo, John Rado, Judit Hernádi, Katalin Pálfy, Kerry Shale, Kevin McKidd, Krisztián Kolovratnik, László Borbely, László Görög, Leelee Sobieski
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In Your Dreams 123movies

In Your Dreams

Rating: 3.85/5 - 13 votes

Albert Ross was the most ambitious little boy in the world until an 11 year old girl broke his heart...

Country: UK
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Actor: Badi Uzzaman, Beatie Edney, Daniel Jefferson, David Horovitch, David Lifton, Dexter Fletcher, Elize du Toit, John Snowden, Kate Sanderson, Linda Hamilton, Maggie McCarthy, Maria Charles, Parminder Nagra, Robyn Moore, Susan George
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