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Beautiful Darling 123movies

Beautiful Darling

Rating: 3.86/5 - 7 votes

A documentary on Candy Darling, The Life and Times of the Andy Warhol Superstar.

Country: USA
Genre: Documentary
Actor: Candy Darling, Andy Warhol, Holly Woodlawn, Fran Lebowitz, Paul Morrissey, Julie Newmar, Jeremiah Newton, John Waters, Jackie Curtis, Michael J. Pollard, Tennessee Williams, Lou Reed, Peter Beard, Bob Colacello, Jayne County
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Burnistoun Goes to Work 123movies

Burnistoun Goes to Work

Rating: 3.50/5 - 6 votes

Burnistoun is back and ready to go to work. A brand new special episode of the hit sketch show, featuring Jolly Boy John, the Quality Polis and characters old and new, as they deal with the...

Country: UK
Genre: Comedy
Actor: Robert Florence, Iain Connell, Louise Stewart, Gerry McLaughlin, Kirsty Strain, Paul Morris
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Dusk 123movies


Rating: 2.79/5 - 28 votes

John Whitmore wakes to find his wife, Anne, disappeared from their bed overnight and a recorded ransom message now remains in her place.

Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Actor: John McGlothlin, Ford D'Aprix, Juliana Harkavy, Todd Litzinger, Ron Kidd, Carter Bratton, Robert Pavlovich, Lauren Shiveley, Ken Early, John Scheller, Paul Morris, Jen Brissman, Sarah Davenport, Billy Chace, Travis Emery
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Red Blooded American Girl 123movies

Red Blooded American Girl

Rating: 3.01/5 - 335 votes

A young woman is transformed into a vampire by a virus.

Country: Canada
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Actor: Alan Rose, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Stevens, Christopher Plummer, CJ Fidler, Heather Thomas, Kim Coates, Lydie Denier, Paul Morrison
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Revelation Trail 123movies

Revelation Trail

Rating: 2.78/5 - 18 votes

In the late nineteenth-century, a holy man known only as the Preacher (Daniel Van Thomas) confronts unspeakable evil as a gruesome power consumes the frontier. Standing between ruin and salvation, he joins forces with the town Marshal (Daniel Britt), a man with his own set of demons, in a savage...

Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Horror, Western
Actor: Daniel Van Thomas, Daniel Britt, Jordan Elizabeth, Robert Valentine, Paul Morris, Donald R. Fleming, Christopher Vonderschmidt, Wendy Keeling, Syndey Clark, Mindy Heithaus, Nicholas Fabisiak, Lee Vervoort, Tia Ball, Wade A. Biddulp, Bobby Billyeu
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The Navigators 123movies

The Navigators

Rating: 3.50/5 - 4 votes

Five Yorkshiremen try to survive after the British Rail is bought out by a private company.

Country: Germany, Spain, UK
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Actor: Dean Andrews, Jason Croot, Joe Duttine, John Aston, John Roy, Jonathan Bridge, Ken Ellis, Kevin Carroll, Matt Brown, Nigel Harrison, Paul Morris, Steve Huison, Thomas Craig, Tony Nyland
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Evil Ambitions 123movies

Evil Ambitions

Rating: 2.97/5 - 29 votes

A public relations firm is really a front for a devil-worshiping cult that kidnaps young models to sacrifice to the devil. A reporter stumbles onto their operation.

Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Horror
Actor: Amber Newman, Amy Ballard, Debbie Rochon, Glori-Anne Gilbert, Paul Morris, S William Hinzman
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Andy Warhol 123movies

Andy Warhol

Rating: 2.67/5 - 3 votes

The first major profile of the American Pop Art cult leader after his death in 1987 covers the whole of his life and work through interviews...

Country: UK
Genre: Documentary, Biography
Actor: Andy Warhol, Billy Name, Brigid Berlin, Edie Sedgwick, Gerard Malanga, Joe Simon, Ondine, Paul Morrissey, Sylvia Miles, Viva
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Midnight Cowboy 123movies

Midnight Cowboy

Rating: 3.73/5 - 167 votes

A naive male prostitute and his sickly friend struggle to survive on the streets of New York City.

Country: USA
Genre: Drama
Actor: Al Scott, Ann Thomas, Anthony Holland, Arthur Anderson, Barnard Hughes, Bill Walters, Bob Balaban, Brenda Vaccaro, Dustin Hoffman, Gary Owens, Georgann Johnson, Gilman Rankin, Jeffrey Walker, Jennifer Salt, Joan Murphy, John McGiver, Jon Voight, Linda Davis, M Emmet Walsh, Marlene Clark, Mary Boylan, Pat Ast, Paul Benjamin, Paul Jabara, Paul Morrissey,
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Divine Trash 123movies

Divine Trash

Rating: 3.45/5 - 31 votes

The life and times of Baltimore film maker and midnight movie pioneer, John Waters. Intercut with a 1972 interview of Waters are clips from his first films and recent interviews with his parents, his brother, Divine's mom, actors and crew, other directors, film critics, a film curator,...

Country: USA
Genre: Documentary
Actor: Bill Landis, Channing Wilroy, David Lochary, Divine, Edith Massey, George Figgs, George Kuchar, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Jack Walsh, Jeanine Basinger, Jim Jarmusch, John Pierson, John Waters, Jonas Mekas, Mary Vivian Pearce, Mike Kuchar, Mink Stole, Pat Moran, Paul Morrissey, Richard Kern, Robert Shaye, Steve Buscemi, Steve Yeager, Susan Walsh
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Nico Icon 123movies

Nico Icon

Rating: 3.89/5 - 19 votes

A look into the many lives of Christa Päffgen, otherwise known as Nico; from cutie German mädchen to the first of the supermodels, to glamorous diva of the Velvet Underground, to cult item, junkie and hag. Many faces for the same woman, whom, you realize, just couldn't bring herself to care enough...

Country: Germany, USA
Genre: Biography, Documentary, Music
Actor: Andy Warhol, Billy Name, Christian Aaron Boulogne, Danny Fields, Jackson Browne, James Young, Jim Morrison, John Cale, Jonas Mekas, Lou Reed, Nico, Paul Morrissey, Tina Aumont, Viva
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Room 666 123movies

Room 666

Rating: 2.92/5 - 122 votes

During the 1982 Cannes Film Festival, Wenders asks a number of film directors from around the world to get, each one at a time, into a hotel room, turn on the camera and sound recorder, and, in solitude, answer a simple question: "What is the future of cinema?".

Country: France, West Germany
Genre: Documentary
Actor: Chantal Akerman, Jean-Luc Godard, Monte Hellman, Noël Simsolo, Paul Morrissey, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Robert Kramer, Romain Goupil, Steven Spielberg, Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders, Yilmaz Güney
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Bloodletting 123movies


Rating: 3.00/5 - 17 votes

A young woman, fascinated with mass murderers, tracks down the world's most famous uncaught serial killer and becomes his apprentice; together they go on a killing spree.

Country: USA
Genre: Horror
Actor: Ariauna Albright, James L Edwards, Michael Gingold, Michael Raso, Paul Morris, Pete Jacelone, Sasha Graham, Scooter McCrae, Scott P Plummer, Tina Krause
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