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Final Move 123movies

Final Move

Rating: 3.67/5 - 6 votes

The LA police are baffled: someone is killing people who have been found innocent of violent crimes. At the crime scenes, DNA evidence and clues linked to chess point to a suspect who\'s dead, recently executed for murders with a similar M.O. The cops call on Dan Marlowe, an ex-cop with psychic...

Country: USA
Genre: Thriller
Actor: Matt Schulze, Lochlyn Munro, David Carradine, Daniel Baldwin, Rachel Hunter, Amanda Detmer, Paul Sampson, Anika C. McFall, Sarah Ann Schultz, Melissa Greenspan, Tucker Smallwood, Kristin Richardson, Gino Dentie, Christina Gabrielle, Tina Morasco
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Serial Dater 123movies

Serial Dater

Rating: 2.67/5 - 18 votes

Allora is a 30 year old successful Public Relations Agent who is increasingly becoming disenfranchised with her fledgling love-life. Encouraged by her very liberated friends Roxanna and Justin, she contemplates looking for love online. Sparks fly and the adventure begins as she embarks on a series...

Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Actor: Marisa DeVonish, Liana Mendoza, Anika C. McFall, Kelly Perine, Bechir Sylvain, Red Grant, Dana Hanna, Michael Ralph, David Scott, Lashae Chapman, Logan Cross, Dheeaba Donghrer, Kyle W. Jolly, J. Kristopher, Vanessa Rey
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Road Reps 123movies

Road Reps

Rating: 2.00/5 - 2 votes

A pharmaceutical sales rep embarks on a road-trip odyssey with four divorcÚ buddies, which becomes a race against his estranged wife to win over a client in a remote territory.

Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Actor: Charles Wall, Laura Russo, Charlie Gruet, Marlon Grace, Crispian Belfrage, Anika C. McFall, Richard Clarke Larsen, Lisa Soule, Sunday Theodore, Thirza Defoe, Eli Kerli, Jeri Arredondo, Gerald Emerick, Emily Wall, Alia Rhiana Eckerman
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